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Record a Web Conference - FAQs and Tips


Web meetings and teleconferences are a communication tool important to any business. They give you the chance to hold important training sessions and discussions with coworkers at any location. You can meet with your clients at any time and any place or train staff in several offices at one time. You can make your web meetings and teleconferences even more useful by recording them for your clients.

Why Record a Web Meeting or Teleconference

When you record a web meeting, a few things happen. Attendees, aware they are being recorded, suddenly become their most professional selves. They speak civilly and politely and ask good questions about the material presented. They are less likely to ramble and more likely to put their best foot forward in contributing towards the outcome of the meeting.

Recorded Web Meetings for Sales

All this serves to make a much more productive web meeting. Recording such a meeting gives you a professional training tool that can be used to education clients about your company and your products. Product vendors may find this especially useful in rolling out a new product. You can take the web meeting that was used to train sales staff and distribute it to clients. Your clients can watch these web meetings on their own schedule or whenever they need a refresher on the topics discussed.

Recorded Meetings for Customer Support

These recordings can be especially helpful for software vendors in supporting clients in employee training. When showing employees the new features of your latest upgrade, you can record the session and use it to train clients, saving time and money for your business.

Web meeting recordings can be used in any number of ways to support your business and communicate with clients. It makes sense to improve meeting quality by recording them and then capitalize on the feature by distributing these copies anywhere they might be useful.  For more information web meetings,